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Why Choose Us?

Teacher Helping Student

Dr. C earned a PhD in plant molecular biology from the University of Toronto. For 7 years she has been a teaching assistant and sessional instructional assistant at University of Toronto in a variety of biology course, teaching over 200 students. She has mentored many undergraduate students with course selection, reaching out to professors for research lab opportunities, resume advice etc. Many of Dr. C's mentees have gone on to pursue graduate and professional degrees.

During the course of her PhD, Dr. C realized that although her passion for science was immense, that for teaching was even greater. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting the next young generation of scientists growing into independent thinkers and confident adults.

Dr. C's teaching approach involves 3 steps: 

1) Identifying the students strengths, weaknesses and their future career desires.

2) Working together with the students to set an attainable goal and create a tutoring/mentoring plan on how to achieve it.

3) Evaluate progress and adjust plan accordingly.

Unlike other tutoring and mentoring companies, Dr. C's goal is for you to grow past the need of outside tutoring/mentoring.

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